Manifesting Energy Into Your Life

(Originally published in 2017)

Happy new week, everyone! I hope everyone crushed their weekend and is ready, with an open heart, to dive head first into a brand new week! My weekend was filled with doing all things I love and being with people I care about: tennis (I won my first singles match of the new season in a THIRD SET TIE BREAK! Whew!), hot yoga, gym session with my fav human (@thetylerchesser on Instagram), The Restless Passport work session at the cutest little coffee shop (shout out to Fante’s Coffee ( ), family celebrations (and delicious homemade strawberry gluten-free cake made by my momma (@adventuresinatennisskirt on Instagram)!), brunch, coffee, warmer temps (still in the 30s but that’s practically summer after the single digits we’ve been dealing with!), meditations, reading (currently reading: Rich Dad, Poor Dad), and just pure happiness and energy for LIFE!

With all of the energy I’ve had this weekend, it got me thinking.. How the heck do I keep up this energy (aka momentum, inspiration, drive)?! Because let’s be real, having so much energy and excitement to just go out and want to kick ass and have fun in whatever I’m doing feels ahhhmazing! Here are five things you can do to manifest energy in your life today:

1. Know that YOU are in charge- in charge of your feelings, your thoughts, your momentum, your LIFE. Once you really start to take ownership of that, things start to change. And that’s pretty dang empowering!

2. Be present in the moment- because that’s all that you’re guaranteed. You can’t do anything about yesterday and tomorrow isn’t promised. So enjoy everything you’re doing and have RIGHT NOW.

3. KNOW that good things are around you and that the universe is conspiring to bring you good things. Look towards each moment and experience with a grateful heart and expect good, wonderful, amazing things to happen for you. (This is a big mindset shift that I’m in the process of learning about and striving towards.)

4. One small, positive step or action creates a chain reaction of other small, positive steps. Don’t ever underestimate the power of doing. If you get up and do something for yourself (no matter how small- making your bed, going to a yoga class, taking your dog on a walk, etc.), it will fuel that energy and keep it going and propel you to want to do more. These intentional actions will create withstanding energy.

5. Make a decision and move forward with it. The longer you spend ho-humming about a decision (Should I go to the gym now or wait until tonight? — Sound familiar, anyone??), the less motivation you have to carry out that decision and the more it drains your energy.

The wonderful thing about all of this is that it’s never too early or too late to start. The right time and the best time is NOW. Your life is waiting! And if no one has told you lately, I’m proud of you for working on yourself!

Happy Monday, you guys!


Katie Diane