Living Your Truth

(Originally published in 2018)

Happy Friday, you guys! Thursday nights have quickly become one of my favorite nights of the week because it’s the night that Tyler and I go to our meditation retreat together. While there last night, we talked about being your true self- being 100% honest with your truth and who you are and not showing up as someone another person wants you to be. Then the challenge came of “well if I’m supposed to be truly happy with who I am now, then how does that coexist with doing things to improve and grow as a person?”  I thought it was so inspiring to hear and figured you guys could also benefit from the instruction I received last night. So here it is!

You, right now, in this moment, are perfect. Is there room for improvement? YES. Always. How does that work out— perfect but still needs improvement? Let me explain. 

It is so important for us to love ourselves for everything we are today, in this moment. Because right now is all we’ve got. You should embrace your quirks, knowledge, strengths, weakness, vibes and love them for what they are. Every single person is unique and has their own set of gifts to offer the world. When we show up to life, we should show up as our true self. We don’t need to be anything different than we already are today. And we definitely don’t need to show up as someone we’re not. This seems so easy but so many times we get caught in the cycle of wanting to be what someone else needs or trying to fit some mold that we don’t quite fit into. And vise versa- we also except others to show up as we need them to rather than who they truly are. We may only see in them what it is that we need to see to satisfy something inside of us. However, this takes away from their truth. Just like showing up as someone you’re not takes away from your truth. I’m very passionate about self-love and doing things to love and value yourself. It’s so important that we tune into who we truly and innately are and start loving that person. Because that person is someone to be proud of. And that person has so much to offer the world.

Every single day, you should appreciate yourself for everything you are. Because, remember, you are perfect right now. While it’s vitally important to create dreams, challenge yourself, grow yourself, and strive to be the best you there is, it is equally as important to not grip that self-growth so tight that you strangle it. Because, if you do, once you reach your next goal or get to where you were hoping to get, you’re still going to be unhappy and want more and more. You’ll never be truly satisfied because you don’t love your true self. You have to love who you are each and every day and enjoy the journey of becoming who you are. There is beauty in not having it all figured out right now. There is beauty in the twists and turns of the journey. There is beauty in things not always going exactly according to your plan. If you know what it is you want and you put that out to the universe and hustle, it will come to you. Just don’t grip that growth so tight that you stifle it in the meantime. Right now is all you have. The you today is the only you you have. Be present in the moment while working towards your goals and dreams.

xo Katie Diane