Just A Little Thought... The True You

Just a little thought…

Last night in my meditation retreat, we talked about being your true self and who that really is. If I asked you to write down who you are right now, it would look very different than if I asked you to do this ten years ago or ten years from now. Similarly, if you looked at yourself in a mirror today it would look very different than the you standing in front of a mirror ten years ago or ten years from now. Much of the description would probably be about things you’re wearing, how your hair looks, what your skin is like, who you spend time with, where you work, etc. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that because that IS who you are today. But those things are all transient and superficial. Those things all change. Those things won’t be the same in ten years from now and they probably weren’t the same ten years ago. But deeper down is the true you- the you that you are all the way down to the core. The you that doesn’t change. The you that was there ten years ago, and now, and will be there in ten years. So then if you take that and have to say who you are, it’s much more difficult. Right? That is something that can take years to truly answer. It’s something that we must work on uncovering overtime. We are born the true us and over time as experiences happen in our life, that truth gets covered up little by little. Trying to dig down and hammer through all of that coverage to determine who the real you is can take time and honesty and uncomfortableness. It may not be an easy thing to confront initially. BUT the good news is that being uncomfortable propels us to somewhere we weren’t before. #growth 

Somewhere deep down inside of you is the true you- the you that’s there no matter what you’re wearing, what your hairstyle is, who you spend your time with, what job you’re working, how thin/ fat you are, where you’re living, etc. Through the practice of mindfulness and CONSCIOUSLY focusing on this, you can discover and come face to face with the real you. Once you do that, it will set you free.

xo Katie Diane