The Best Carry On Bags for Traveling

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Hello again!! I am slightly obsessed with bags (any bags at all, I don’t discriminate). Therefore it can sometimes be difficult to actually pick which carry on to take. With SO many options of bags out there, it can be overwhelming to narrow down and choose a good one. There are three things I typically look for in a good carry on bag (please note: these are requirements for me when choosing a carry on when I’m also checking a suitcase; if I’m only taking a carry on with me, then the bag and the packing list would be much different):


  1. Does it zip all the way closed? This is a MUST for me when choosing a carry on bag because I can’t be worrying about things falling out and rolling around the plane during flight. PLUS, let’s not forget about pick pockets! Keep it closed!

  2. Is the bag pretty light weight? Should be! With as far as you carry a typical carry on bag, the weight of the bag itself shouldn’t add much to the total weight of the carry on once packed, ya know?!

  3. Is the material of the bag printed and easy to clean? This isn’t an end-all for me, but I do like to choose a bag that is a dark color and/or has a pattern so that it masks spills, stains, splatters, or anything else that gets on it during my travels. Plus, I like to choose a bag made of a material that is easy to wipe off and clean.



So, what do I use when I travel? These are my three tried and true carry on bags that I use the most (when I also have checked luggage-- if I was only taking a carry on, I would opt for a small roller suitcase):


  1. Longchamp Le Pliage tote: This bag is arguably my favorite when it comes to carry ons. It’s THE Mary Poppin’s bag of all Mary Poppin’s bags! I’m always amazed at how much it holds and the bag itself is super light weight! Worth the investment for sure. Plus, you can also use it as your purse or a bag to carry around once you arrive at your destination. [Please note: the Longchamp website was down when I tried to access it to link it for you guys, so I linked to the bag on Nordstrom’s website.]

Carry on bag 1.JPG


2. LuLu Lemon bag: I love colors and this bag is pretty colorful! It’s also light weight, zips fully closed, has many compartments on the inside, and folds up if needed! [Please note: the one I have is an older style but I’ve linked this similar style.] 

Carry on bag 2.JPG


3. Stella and Dot Getaway bag: This bag is so versatile! It has more shape to it than the other two bags I linked, but it is still light weight and so perfect for a carry on. It will also unzip and expand to make the bag larger if needed. The bag comes in many adorable patterns too! 

Carry on bag 3.JPG


If you guys have experience with any other great carry ons, I’d love to hear! And if you invest in any of these, I’m interested in hearing what you think of them! Leave it in the comments below! 


Keep a look out for the second part of this: what to pack in your carry on bag!


Cheers and happy weekend!


Katie Diane xo