A Quick Little Getaway: Cincinnati, Ohio

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Hola, guys! It’s been a crazy last month for me, but a very exciting one! Over the weekend of the Fourth of July, I got away for a quick day and a half trip to Cincinnati, Ohio. I live in Louisville, Kentucky, so Cincy is only about an hour and a half from me. I’ve been to Cincy many times in the past but this time I saw a whooolleee new side of the city that I’ve never seen before! And guys, let me just tell you… it’s AWESOME! I was so pleasantly surprised by literally everything there and now I can’t wait to go back again and again! To be honest, I didn’t even think about potentially blogging about this getaway because it was just Cincinnati and I’ve seen it a ton of times and I knew what to expect… SO WRONG! Cincy was so full of charm and character and allure. And SO MUCH COLOR! If you know me at all, you know how much I love colorful ANYTHING so walking around every corner in Cincy was a real treat! I think the most surprising thing for me was how much super cool street art was in downtown. I think street art gives cities so much uniqueness and character and it’s just plain fun to see when you are walking down the street. I later found out that ArtWorks Cincinnati works with the communities and teens in the area to add this artwork around the city, which is a pretty awesome way to give back! 

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Also, this trip was my first time staying in an Airbnb ! I am usually more of a hotel type of gal, as I love the amenities that come with being in a hotel. BUT I can really get on board with the local living experience of an Airbnb! Cincy was the perfect city to try this out in and I am SO glad we did! We stayed in the most adorable loft in Over the Rhine (OTR) in downtown and it was such a neat experience! (If you’re headed to Cincy and want a recommendation on an Airbnb, let me know and I’ll send you the info of the one we stayed in because the host was awesome, it was in a great location, and it was so dang charming!)

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If you are planning a getaway to Cincy (I totally recommend if you couldn’t tell!) or just passing through, here is a list of what I did in my short time there! There is TONS to do in this city and something for everyone!


See the Reds play at the Great American Ball Park

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This is the whole reason for our getaway in the first place! We decided to get tickets to see the Reds play (because what’s more American than that on the Fourth of July weekend!?) After that we decided to make a trip out of it! We got to watch the Reds and the Cubs play and it was so fun! Sidenote: if you get to the game early or want din or drinks afterwards, there is a super fun area right to the right of the field that has lots of bars and restaurants!



Walk through Fountain Square


This is a staple in downtown Cincy! There was a lively farmer’s market going on when we walked past- we were in a hurry to get to the game so we didn’t stay, but worth the stop if you have time!


Take in the charm of Over The Rhine

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While you’re in Cincy, this area is a must! It is an older run down part of town that is being revitalized and is such a unique, quirky, completely adorable area with tons of bars, shops and restaurants! This is where our Airbnb was and where we spent the majority of our time. Love love LOVED it!


Dine in Over The Rhine


After the game, we headed back to Over the Rhine (walkable distance from the stadiums on the river) for dinner before Top Golf. We decided to try The Eagle (along with the rest of the people in OTR that evening). Talk about finger-lickin’ southern cookin’! The fried chicken with the spicy honey sauce was the bomb! And don’t forget to get the grits too, because #southernfood #wheninrome #whatevenarecalories . I’m guessing this is one of the most popular restaurants in OTR so expect a wait or make a res ahead of time!


Top Golf

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I’m just not sure why you’d pass up Top Golf while in a city that has it because it’s just TOO FUN! Even if you’re not a golfer, it’s such a social place and you can have a great time regardless! And I’ll just throw this out there.. I was the winner that night. NBD.


Night out in OTR

So, we sadly didn’t get to do this because we were there on a Sunday night BUT this area would be a lot of fun to hop around in on weekend nights!



Brunch at B&A Street Kitchen

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We stumbled upon this place on accident and mostly we picked it because we were flat out HANGRY and probably would have eaten just about anywhere honestly. BUT lucky us, because this place was so charming and so delicious! It’s in OTR as well (are you catching a theme yet?? ;) ) and you can easily walk to Washington Park from here, which is what we did!


Stroll through Washington Park

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Apparently there is a lot that goes on in this park (concerts, markets, etc), so we decided to check it out while we were so close! It’s a really cute park surrounded by the cutest little streets in OTR. We just walked around it a bit as there was nothing going on there this morning. Worth a stop or picnic break if you’re in OTR!


Win Thousands at Jack Casino

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The Jack Casino is right in downtown Cincy, easy to get to and has free parking! It’s also a really nice casino- clean, doesn’t smell of smoke & has a lot of fun games. I’d say it ranks pretty high for me as far as casinos go and I’ve frequented quite a few in my life (thanks, Grandma!)! So, GO! Even if just for a fun way to end your night or as you head out of town! Oh, and GOOD LUCK!


Indulge at Findlay Market

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This place! YES! This was unexpected in downtown Cincy. It’s a super colorful market place surrounded by really pretty and colorful buildings! There are a lot of food stalls in Findlay Market so come hungry! We didn’t know this and had already eaten but it was still fun to walk around and smell the yumminess!

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Spend an Afternoon at Rhinegeist Brewery

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So, I have to admit that this was my FIRST time ever in a brewery. Strange, I know. I’m not a beer person at all (despite trying and trying and trying..) but I’m definitely not opposed to going to a brewery- it just never happened until this trip! But you guys, it was SO FUN! The brewery is in a huge old warehouse type building with a cool rooftop bar that overlooks the city! There are also lots of picnic tables and corn hole boards set up! I even had a beer while I was there! The Rhinegeist Bubbles beer tasted JUST like rosé! And apparently the Rhinegeist Knowledge beer is pretty awesome too!


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Rooftop dinner at Krueger’s Tavern in OTR

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To end our time in Cincy after we left Rhinegeist, we headed back to OTR for din. I’m a bit of a foodie and love love love trying new restaurants. Again, we just picked a random place and ended up at Krueger’s Tavern on their super amazing rooftop bar area! The burgers here were fantastic (I highly recommend the Spicy burger!) and I even ordered a Rhinegeist Bubbles beer to go with my meal! Definitely worth the stop if you’re looking for a fun atmosphere for lunch or din!

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Whew! I knew we did a lot on our short time in Cincy, but after typing all that out, I’m exhausted (and mostly ready to go back!)! If you guys have any questions about anything listed here, let me know! Hope you enjoy Cincy as much as I did!




Katie Diane