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Katie Diane

Hi, there! Thanks for stopping by! My name is Katie Diane, or just Katie, and I am the founder and creator of this digital oasis. The Katie Diane is your destination for travel, mindful living, wellness and living the life of your dreams. Because, guess what?! We only have ONE life in which to do everything it is that we want to do! So I created this site to help encourage others to be their best selves in order to life the life of their dreams! That includes YOU! I'm so happy you landed here and I want to help you on your journey! Your best life is waiting for you!


A little about me... Originally from Louisville, Kentucky, I am a family nurse practitioner and avid traveller. I am passionate about self growth, which inevitably lead me to meditation, yoga, mindfulness, wellness, and the pursuit of living out the life of my dreams. Tennis is a rather new found love (or obsession) of mine. Traveling is my dearest passion- I love adventure and luxury travel but have really done it all. I'd love to meet YOU and hear some of your story! Feel free to shoot me an email or get in touch on Instagram! 


xo Katie Diane