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Katie diane

A girl traveling the world, cultivating wellness, mindfully living & inspiring others to create the life of their dreams

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The blog

The Katie Diane initially started off as a travel blog- a place to share my travel experiences with others. The blog has now become part of the experience here at The Katie Diane. The blog is now a place where I share my ideas, my goals, things I've learned, things I've experienced- from travel, to mindset, to wellness, to life in general.


Travel- The restless passport

My dearest passion in life is traveling, experiencing other cultures, tasting new food, meeting new people, and creating experiences I may not otherwise have. To me, traveling is living life to the fullest. It's what sets my soul on fire and makes me feel really alive. Follow me as I adventure around this world of ours'. It is my hope that by sharing my travel stories, experiences & advise that I encourage you to travel and life the life of your dreams. We have one life in which to do everything we have always wanted to do, so let's get going!

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Wellness encompasses a wide range of topics and categories- wellness of the mind, wellness of the body, wellness of the spirit. As a nurse practitioner, I have seen my fair share of health and disease and know that wellness is something that we need to take into our own hands in order to be the best version of ourselves and be capable of creating the life of our dreams.


Mindful Living

Practicing mindfulness, meditation, daily affirmations, journaling and more can not only positively impact your life, it can change the entire course of your life. This is a practice, a journey, not a destination. Follow my journey and learn how to implement it into your daily life.


Own your magic tribe

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Are you ready to step into your magic & become the you that you were sent to this earth to be?

You have come to the right place! We want you to be apart of the Own Your Magic Tribe here at The Restless Passport! If you are ready to become fully you and start living the life of YOUR dreams then welcome home! The Own Your Magic Tribe is a community to bring together like-minded individuals who want to share, experience, learn, grow, and full on LIVE with others who share that same drive and passion! It's a place to share your desires, dreams, frustrations, advise, wisdom in order to help you step into and truly OWN your magic! The day you were born, you arrived here with all of the gifts and magic you need to accomplish everything that you will in this lifetime. We want to help you to step into that magic and own it in order to cultivate your dreams and live whatever life it is you want to live! 

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